Welcome to the art in Ephesus website. This orchestration of art work spans over a 20 year period by the artist, Susanna Berman Omaç.
  The ancient Greek and Roman art of Ephesus provides a stage which still enriches souls and unites people from every culture. Visitors flock through the gates to walk again where Saint Paul walked, where Mother Mary lived, and where John the beloved recorded the Word of God.
“ Living near Ephesus has been a great inspiration as an artist to attempt to capture the timeless beauty caught in the past, the ever present sound of the rocks crying out, as well as the hope that paves the future.”

Olive Grove, Turkey
The Arch in Ephesus and The  Library in Ephesus 
 Paul and the Ephesians and Ephesus
The Amphitheater
Jacob and the Couple in Istanbul
Castle Above St. John’s and Turkish Children
Entrance to Ephesus and Olive Trees
In the Museum and The Cry in Ephesus
Mary’s House
Mary and Paul
The Supper and Let it be II
Pomegranate and Summer Night
Lilacs and Ismail’s Mom

French Horns and Christ over Jerusalem
Bird Bath and Wall in Ephesus
 East Meets West and Let It Be
The City and The Chair
The Potter’s House and A series
The Pond and The Past
Four Students at Ege University
Sarah and Turkish Man
Çidem’s Dream
Oboes and the Orchestra
Cellos and Opera
The Pomegranate 
Heidelberg Series
Heidelberg Series
Heidelberg Series

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