Susanna Berman Omac has a unique international background which contributes to her diverse artistic style. She started painting at age 12, being inspired by the Pushkin Art Museum and the Bolshoi Theatre while living in Moscow. The New York artistic community influenced Susanna in the early 70’s. Studying at the New York University and being surrounded by art museums encouraged her love for art and its history.

The next aspect of the artistic journey took her to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She has emerged in a world exposing her to a variety of professionals who taught her the artistic techniques needed to visually communicate. After graduating and getting her teacher’s credentials, she returned to Russia to teach at the University of Moscow and glean from the city that so influenced her youth.

Since 1988, Susanna has lived in Turkey near Ephesus where she has exhibited her art work for four consecutive years. The ancient Greek and Roman art of Ephesus provides a stage which still enriches souls and unites people from every culture. Visitors come to Ephesus in search of this sense of timeless beauty which Susanna seeks to capture in her paintings.